No Vacuums Allowed

In his article, “How to End Terrorism“, Daniel Pipes makes an important point:

Terrorism, begun by bad ideas, can only be ended by good ones. 

That sounds like a rule, so let me add one of my own:

No vacuums allowed.

Human society is like any other biological system. If you remove an organism that plays an important role, it’s ‘job’ must be taken up by another organism – or there will be chaos.

By hunting the wolf to near-extinction in the West, mankind creates a hole, a vacuum, that needs to be filled. Enter park rangers and licensed hunting, without which, the deer population would explode. 

Humanity has its own wolves, and hunting them down is a difficult, but necessary business. But like with the wolf, we need to make sure that we are ready to replace our human wolves with something… less wolfish. 

One of the mistakes that Israel made with the Palestinians was that they didn’t work hard enough to create a viable alternative to Hamas, or any of the other terrorist groups. We could argue about why (and there are good reasons why), but it still remains that Hamas exists because it fills a vacuum.

When the current batch of young terrorists is defeated, we must make sure that there are those who will be able (and willing) to step in and lead young Muslims down a different path – a path of moderation and peace.

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  1. Cooollllll post!
    I don’t thing removing an orgainism causes “chaos”, it just changes the design of the web. And, who are we to judge the design of the web?

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