I Got Mine

By now, some of you have been wondering why I’ve been so quiet over the past few days. Well, on Thursday afternoon, a new baby came into my world, and she’s beautiful. Just six pounds and three ounces, and everything that a guy could ask for.

It was like Christmas came early.

For those of you who have yet to experience special moments like this, I can only say that I highly recommend it.

Of course, you are wondering about a name. It is customary to give one, but this baby came with a name.

The Dell E1505.

Yup, 2 Ghz Dual Core microprocessor, 2 gigs of 667 mhz RAM, 160 GB Hard Drive. I told Dell what I wanted, and it arrived just like they said it would.

I’m hoping that I’ll have all the system updating, application installing, and file transferring done today. 

I got mine. Go get your own.

2 thoughts on “I Got Mine”

  1. mazal tov!!! well, i was wondering where you disappeared to…and guess what…i got mine too :))) not out of the box yet…so i can’t tell you who she looks like…stay close and safe…i have missed you…

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