Looking for an Earthquake

There is a lot more that I could say on this subject of why the Palestinians don’t understand Israel and the Israelis. I suspect that we could write a book on the subject and barely scratch the surface.

After all, the Arab-Israeli conflict is a reflection of the human condition. It’s all about the good and the bad, the beautiful and the ugly, the honest and the corrupt in humanity. It encapsulates much of what we are.

And how many books have been written on the human condition?

Libraries full.

This subject, and many others like it, is why this blog is here. There’s no end to what can be said, and no limit to how important it is.

Anyway, Palestinian understanding. (I know. I ramble.)
Societies don’t change overnight, and when they DO change, it is often glacial in speed.

Oh, societies take on the trappings of modernity easily enough. Toasters, cars, roads, computers, shopping malls, and such-like come easily enough. But, the values that drive such a society take longer.

Unless there’s an earthquake.

It took a Holocaust to wake up the Jewish people, and the rest of the world, to the threat to the existence of the Jewish people. And from that, Israel was born as a viable state – instead of a nonviable political entity, under the thumb of corrupt Arab powers.

The Palestinians may need to suffer their own version of an earthquake before they can truly understand that Israel is a friend, and not an enemy. I’m praying that it will be gentle, something that won’t call for loss of life and livelihood.

But I’m still looking for earthquake.

2 thoughts on “Looking for an Earthquake”

  1. hiiiiiiiii honey…sorry i haven’t been online to comment on your wonderful blogs…an earthquake eh? so close to us here? our next door neighbours? you think that G-d will get ’em and leave us alone? eenee meenee minee moe? Oh, Dear G-d, Please pick someone else this time…stay safe my dear friend…oh ps…i think the earthquake has to come to the americans…we here in the middle east are well aware of the players and dangers…you over there are living in never never land…sigh

  2. Question: Why do you call it ” Nazi Germany”?
    Why don’t you call it “Nazi organization”..or some other word?
    Not all Germans hate the Jewish people

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