A Tool of Satan

I’m still on the topic of Arabic democracy, and there’s a definite parallel to European democracy.

During the dark ages, the idea that each man was equal in the eyes of God was horrifying – Satanic, even. The Roman Catholic Church considered democratic values to be evil, and persecuted those who advocated them.

Throughout Europe, society was rigidly hierarchical. A commoner could never be anything but a commoner. A nobleman could never be anything but a nobleman – until they ran out of space in the castle. Then, they went to war with their neighbor.

There’s nothing like too many noblemen, when you want a nice, friendly war.

We (er, I) could go on and on about the anti-democratic values and thuggish philosophy of medieval times, but you know that already. So, I won’t.

The interesting thing is that Islam, at least radical Islam, promotes those exact same values. Islam codifies a rigidly hierarchical society. Women are little more than property. (You lock them in your house in the morning, and only let them out of the house if you can spare the time to accompany them. I kid you not.)

And democracy? Under Islam, it is the value system of the evil. To the devout Muslim, democracy is the tool of Satan. And, they aren’t just objecting to democracy as a cultural icon of American imperialism. No, they believe that giving a voice and a vote to everyone – man or woman, poor or rich – is evil. Wicked.

Let me repeat that.

Under radical Islam, it is wrong to give a voice to commoners and women. Worse, it is evil.

A tool of Satan.

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  1. Boy you ramble…and so early in the morning too. Isn’t it true that women are lesser than dogs in the arab world? They are extremely abusive to dogs so you can just imagine how they treat their women. If you can’t imagine then just google arab women and see what comes up.

    Great rambling! Keep up the consistancy and great writing as always.

    Have a prosperous day


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