Letting By-Gones Be By-Gones?

If offers of forgiveness from Israel are a sign of weakness to the Palestinians, how do you think the Palestinians would react to those in their society that advocate letting by-gones be by-gones?

They are quashed.

There are groups that advocate peace with Israel, but they are careful to tow the party line.

If they don’t… they risk death and physical harm. And, if THAT threat isn’t enough, their families are harassed, their businesses destroyed, and their children kidnapped – or worse.

What’s worse?

Remember that I told you that the Tanzim militia shot at my neighborhood for a year in 2001? Well, they had taken over one poor guy’s house for the purposes of shooting at my neighborhood of Gilo. But, they did more than shoot at Gilo.

They raped the man’s daughter.

Of course, the man was just a Christian Arab, and no big deal in the eyes of a Muslim. However, it was a big deal in the eyes of the father.

What was even MORE horrifying to me was that the father felt the need to kill the daughter, because the honor of the family had been desecrated.

THAT is worse.