When You Offer Peace

Okay, survived Thanksgiving. Twice.

Sorry about not writing, but I was busy expanding my waistline.

Now, where was I… Oh, right. Forgiveness.

Last Sunday (about four posts down), I gave you four reasons why the Palestinians don’t understand Israel. Or, more accurately, THESE are the misunderstandings that fuel the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians.

I’ve talked about the first one. Here’s the second:

Palestinians see the Israeli capacity for forgiveness as a sign of weakness.

In Arab society, revenge is a sacred right and obligation. In fact, if you do NOT pursue vengeance… if you do NOT seek to destroy the person that wronged you…

The reason must be that you just aren’t strong enough.

If someone does you wrong and you don’t seek revenge, it can only be due to the fact that you aren’t strong enough to obtain revenge.

So, if a person does not seek revenge for the wrongs that you have done to him, then he is powerless to stop you from continuing to attack him. Why stop?
And, then there is the idea of the peace treaty. You offer them when you are too weak to continue fighting, and you accept them when you are satisfied with how much damage that you have done. However, sometimes you offer them when you want to lull someone into a false sense of security.

Now, guess what goes through the mind of the Palestinians when Israel offers a peace treaty.