As Much a Barbarian

One of the great things about being a writer that lives in Israel is that there is so much to write about. There’s always something brilliant, or stupid, or evil, or good, or…

Well, there’s just lots of stuff.

But, I need to stick with my latest rant over why peace in the Middle East will take a miracle.

Yesterday, I mentioned Palestinian clannishness as an important reason why they don’t understand Israel (and is probably a key source for most of their problems). But, let’s not forget that they are people like you and I, and that our own clannishness lies not too far below the surface.

Think of it like this. We all have our pet peeves. Some of us hate people who speed. Others hate people who talk too loud. A few of us hate loud, obnoxious political commentators.

And, if you ask us, and we’re honest, we’d tell you that these terrible people should either be lined up and shot, or at the very least shipped off to some penal colony where they would never bother you ever again.

But, what if you turn on the radio one day, and a new talk show comes blaring out of the speaker, advocating an obnoxious political agenda, with obnoxious table pounding and obnoxious guffaws – and it’s your kid sister.

So, you gonna send her off to that penal colony for obnoxious political pundits?

Probably not. In fact, you’d make an exception – because she’s your kid sister, and she used to pull your hair when she was five.

THAT, my friends, is clannishness. We go around declaiming against the social evils of our time, and perscribing harsh medicine as a cure. But, when a beloved family member is found to be a participant in whatever you find to be socially immoral…

Well, you find that you can’t be quite as harsh with a family member. You find that there are two sets of laws. Laws that are for family, and laws that are for those who aren’t family.

THAT is clannishness.

All of us are like that. Every single one of us. The only difference is that we know, deep down, that clannishness like that leads to the destruction of society. We know that clannishness leads to barbarism.

So, while we point the finger at the Palestinians, remember to look in the mirror and tell yourself that you are as much a barbarian as they are.

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  1. my Daddy (AH) told me…every time you point a finger at someone…you have three more pointing back at you…but…there comes a time my dear friend, when you have to love your clan member enough to whisper in his ear that his breath stinks…like seeing a lady walk out of the bathroom with a corner of her skirt tucked into her underpants…you walk over and give it a shlep…what do you think??? i love your blog…and you too…stay safe honey

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