The Palestinian Secret Weapon

I confess that I’ve spent a lot of time wondering where the Palestinians get their feeling of strength and superiority. Anyone looking at them would see the hollowness of any claim that they are on the path to victory over Israel.

But then, I understood their secret weapon.

Once I had stumbled upon their ‘Ace in the hole’, I knew why they could confidently claim that victory was only a matter of time. Their secret gives them feelings of superiority. It gives them permission to do things that they would never have done otherwise. It puts food in their mouths and makes them friends all over the world.

Their secret weapon gives them an awesome amount of power. It warms their homes and gives them a tremendous sense of purpose.

What is their secret?

Lean closer, and I’ll tell you.

They know how to hate.

That’s right. They have perfected and refined their hatred, and each new generation adds yet another level of refinement and sophistication.

They hate, and they are good at it.

The problem is that the gift of hatred come with strings attached. The benefits with a price tag.

Shimon Peres once said about the Palestinians:

They have never missed an opportunity to miss an opportunity.

That’s one price.

Here’s another: violence and corruption
Palestinian society is ruled by the gun and the well-greased palm. The gangs rule the streets, and the weakest in society suffer.

You can bask in the warmth of the fire of hatred, but remember that there is a price to pay.

2 thoughts on “The Palestinian Secret Weapon”

  1. boker tov honey…they can hate all they want and i hope it destroys them…my problem is that they have taught me to hate back…and how do i keep from making that destroy me? great post…miss you…stay safe…

  2. “Bask in the warmth”?
    I thought it was burn in the firey flames of Hell…where your worst nightmare is merely a speck of sand on the beach

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