I did something amazing on Saturday.

Well, actually it wasn’t what I did. It was what I bought.

A phone. Cellular.

Two hundred something bucks and it fit… Well, it was so small that you could lose it in your pockets. And, as long as I pay my forty something dollar bill every month, I can talk as long as I want, to anyone in the US – as long as I stick around central Indiana.


Now, most of you are probably scratching your heads over why I would consider something like a cellular phone to be amazing. After all, nothing that I’ve just mentioned is bleeding edge technology. None of it. If anything, I should be amazed that I’ve taken so long to buy the phone.

But, that discussion is for another blog.

Today, I just want to revel in feelings of amazement. The wonder of the shock of it all.

I think that we all have our private list of things that we are amazed at. I’ve got mine. You’ve got yours.

We’re all amazed at how badly some people drive. We’re amazed at how some politicians can keep being re-elected. We’re amazed at how short Winter days can be.

(I’m amazed that you’re still reading this!)

But, one thing that will always amaze me is hatred.

Hate, to me, is amazing.

Like the phone that I just bought, there’s nothing about it that is miraculous. There are certainly plenty of people out there doing it. And, we’ve spent thousands of years killing each other with it.

But, unlike the phone, hatred is so mind-blowingly stupid, you wonder why so many people think that it’s a worthwhile thing to have around.

Watch this space for the next few days, and I’ll tell you what I mean.

2 thoughts on “Amazing”

  1. Get this.
    I was amazed to get internet service through my cellular company! Now, I don’t have to set up a *real* phone, and I can access the internet on my real computer laptop with a real keyboard wherever I am able to use my cellular..pretty cool. Only one bill as well. Reality is getting so unreal!

  2. hi honey…hatred is taught…for example, i hate the nazis…and i hate the people who want to kill me now…and not only that…i don’t really wish them well…i kinda wish them a speedy trip to their virgins…oy…great blog once again

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