Never Be Defenseless When You Have Arab Neighbors

I was bullied as a kid.

It was awful. It was horribly damaging.

I got over it.

I also learned from it. One of the things that I learned was that a determined defense will stop a bully. If a bully knows that he is going to suffer when he bullies someone, he’ll seek for easier prey. They may inflict more damage on you than you inflict on them, but they still won’t like the damage that they received.

Furthermore, I’ve found that bullies tend to be disfunctional and unable to cooperate effectively with each other – at least in the long term.

Does something start to sound familiar?

That’s right. We’re also talking about Israel.

Israel was seen as easy pickings – a tiny country with a tiny army. So, they were attacked by those who preyed on the weak and defenseless. But, Israel survived because she was willing to defend herself so forcefully that the bullies had to turn to other prey.

And to other prey they turned. Syria sought to invade Jordan in 1972 – when the Jordanians were unable to defend themselves. The PLO invaded a weak Lebanon. Saddam Hussein invaded Iran, when he thought that Iran would be unable to defend herself.

Never be defenseless when you have Arab neighbors.

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