A Call for Revolution

The Palestinians are working up to it – inch by inch. As the body count increases, people are going to start calling it what it is, instead of dancing around the subject.

Call it whatever you like, but it’s still civil war – the most un-civil idea in the dictionary.

Why is this civil war happening? Why are Palestinians killing each other?

I could answer that by talking about the evil of Hamas and Islamic Jihad and the other terrorists among the Palestinians. I could talk about corruption and violence in Palestinian society. All that would be true, but those answers would not address the root.

The root is a poison that is common to all of us. It’s also an addiction that gives you a feeling of strength and power – and even security. But, it’s also a strength and power that corrupts.
What I’m talking about is hatred.

The Palestinian national movement was formed out of envy and hatred. It started with Sheik Husseini. It moved on to Arafat, and now we have Haniyeh. All of them, men of hatred.

Contrast that with the Jewish national movement in Israel. It was formed out of a love of the land. It was based on the love the Jewish people – and a desire to be an example to the world.

Were there hateful people among these Jewish nationalists? Of course, but they were not able to hijack the cause. And, there will always be a struggle between those who advocate hatred and those who advocate peace.

The issue is about foundations. When you build a house, you’d better make sure that your foundation is secure, or you run the risk of seeing all your effort destroyed.

I will never forget driving up through the Troodos mountains in Cyprus, and seeing a beautifully constructed house on the side of a hill. It was beautifully painted and very modern. It was a house that you’d have paid a lot of money to buy. Except that it had one problem.

It had this horrifying 20 degree list.

The builders had spent their effort on the house, but had neglected their foundation.

When the foundation of your national movement is hatred, then your nation is going to be hateful. And that’s what we are seeing today.

That’s the disease. Here’s the cure:

The only way that they are going to be able to save their nation is tear down the house and start with a new foundation. I guess they call that revolution.

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