They Are Afraid

One of my favorite quotes comes from the Bene Gesseret in one of my favorite novels, Dune, by Frank Herbert:

Fear is the mind killer.

When fear takes over, your mind turns off. And, when your mind is turned off, you do things that you would not normally do.

Hitler used fear to stir up hatred against the Jews, and six million Jews died. The Ottomans used fear to mobilize the people and the army, and 1.5 million Armenians died. The Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, Sheik al Husseini, used fear to ignite the Arab Israeli conflict, and tens of thousands died.


A simple word that, in the hands of evil, has destroyed millions upon millions of lives.

And, you know that fear is at work whenever you hear shouting, anger, violence. Oh I know, there are other things at work as well, but fear lies at the heart of the ‘fight or flight’ syndrome.

The next time you get angry at someone or something, stop and ask yourself. What are you afraid of?

But, that’s a discussion for a different blog.

I’m more interested in the Muslim response to the Pope. The anger and violence as a result of his remarks tells us something very interesting about Islam.

They are afraid.

3 thoughts on “They Are Afraid”

  1. i didn’t want the Pope to ‘make nice’ to the muslims…i didn’t want the Pope to make nice…stay safe…someone is afraid…and honey i don’t think it’s them…i sure know it’s me…and maybe mine and yours as well…theirs? they are still tuned into and still believing in the 72 virgins…doesn’t fare well for the poor muslim ladies…but since when did the ladies ever count for anything by them???

  2. well, aren’t they *always* angry and violent? If they are afraid the west will take over and not let them live their lives how they feel fit, thrn, why don’t they agree to a basic comon sense of humanity (killing people, etc). I mean, it sounds like that is all Islam is about: taking over the world by any means, most likely violence. Does Allah want them to do this? I just don’t get it. Why can’t they just have their space, let Israel have their space (even if it is the best space;) and let the USA go about their own business without having to be an escape for zillions of people.most likely very smart, sucking up the good jobs. .I mean, what’s the point? Will Allah come and make heaven on earth if they do this? I know Christians just want to save people from Hell..souls are more important than land/artifacts and power. I would think that all religions on this earth could agree to some sort of basic humanitarian, what kids learn in pre-school..actually even before that. I saw a very interesting movie the other night
    “Not Without My Daughter” kind of older (the clothes are totally outdated) but I think the message is prob still relevant.

  3. thank you for your friendship…thank you for your help…thank you for enriching my life…shanah tova…stay safe

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