So, Why Is Islam So Upset With the Pope?

Does it matter that Jews and Christians don’t understand each other?

Not only does it not matter… but, it’s the way that religious belief works. Different faiths are SUPPOSED to be mutually incomprehensible.

It’s the law.

It is natural to believe that anyone who disagrees with YOUR faith is WRONG – with all the associated penalties that apply. (you’ve been warned!)

That’s why my Jewish friends think that I’m nuts – as nuts as I think THEY are. Am I offended by this?


Are they?

I hope not.

I appreciate the fact that my friends are open and honest with me about what they feel. Have my beliefs been damaged because my friends think that I’m a spiritual idiot?

Of course not.

Just because my friends are idio- ahem. Um… let me put it another way. Truth doesn’t need defending, and it doesn’t need a cheering section to survive. And, no one can destroy it.

Which leads me to my next question…

So, why is Islam so upset with the Pope?

3 thoughts on “So, Why Is Islam So Upset With the Pope?

  1. Maybe it is because he prob eats cows?
    I have a difficult time with that sometimes, too.
    Peaceful herbavoires..too bad we can’t eat something more alligator or tigers..the real carnivores. Or maybe annoying bugs or something. It took me forever to finally eat an egg..I think gradeschool is too young to hatch eggs..gentle little harmless chickies.

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