Faith and Misunderstanding

Most of you know that I am a Christian.

Some of you know what kind.

A few of you are frustrated because I do not make reference to my religious convictions in this blog.

I have good reasons for why I do not emphasize my beliefs here, and one day I may go into them.

But, like I said, I’m a Christian. A Christian living in Israel for 14 years. That loves the Jewish people – especially those who live in Israel. I represent a truly tiny minority here in Israel.

This has provided an opportunity to experience the dividing line between Judaism and Christianity, and to investigate the conceptions and misconceptions that the two faiths have towards each other. It has been profoundly anthropological – as well as spiritual.

It would take a book to truly illustrate the interesting differences that divide us, and I might just write that book one day. But, let me say this:

The Jews do NOT understand the Christians.

The Christians do NOT understand the Jews.

Whether you are a Jew or a Christian, none of you really understand what it means to believe the way that the other believes. Yet, deep down, Christians believe that the Jews aren’t so different – and that the Jews don’t have an excuse when they show a lack of appreciation for Christianity. The same goes for Jews (but less so).

Why am I saying this?

Read this space tomorrow.

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