Regime Change in Iran

In my post, The Unthinkable, I presented a number of options for dealing with Iran. Those options were, and are, doomed to failure.

The one option that is NOT doomed to failure is so horrible, that I find it hard to even mention.
There is yet another alternative. It is also doomed to failure, but it is something that must be tried.

Regime change.

It has happened before and offers some hope that it will happen here. However, it requires several factors to coincide: popular discontent and apathy in the armed forces.

Popular discontent is easy enough to obtain. In fact, it is a rising problem in Iran even as we speak.

The REAL problem is the armed forces. More specifically, the problem is with the Revolutionary Guard. Their loyalty resides not only with the Islamic Republic, but with the ideology that it represents.

That seems like something so obvious, you probably are wondering why I bothered to mention it.

As long as the leaders in Iran remain true to the ideology of the revolution that brought the Islamic Republic into power, then it will be impossible to make the Revolutionary Guard apathetic. As long as they are certain that they are doing the RIGHT THING in defending the leadership of Iran… well, the leadership of Iran will not be changed. It’s that simple.

This means that if the West wants to make ‘regime change’ happen, they need to find evidence that they leadership in Iran is corrupt and venal. And THAT will be an uphill battle.

Because they aren’t.

4 thoughts on “Regime Change in Iran”

  1. Well. That’s just great.
    No wonder no one in the United States want’s to think about this.
    How long has this been going on?
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  2. I think this goes back to the fact that they’ve made everything permissable when it comes to their cause
    including denouncing their (false) god and religious convictions. Bet you can slice the arrogance with a knife over in Iran.

    Sly as a fox that devil!

  3. hi honey…ready for this one??? little green footballs…and i quote…Saudis Sending 15,000 Students to US to “Stem Unrest”

    From Little Green Footballs

    The Saudi government has approved its largest scholarship program in history.

    They’re planning to send 15,000 young students, indoctrinated to despise infidels by the Wahhabi educational system, to the United States: Huge Hike in Number of Scholarships. (Hat tip: Sabra.)

    KING Abdullah, who is also the chairman of the Higher Education Council, has approved a program to allocate 15,000 scholarships for study in the US and 3,000 in some Asian countries.

    Announcing this here Monday, Minister of Higher Education Dr Khalid Al-Anqari said this is the largest scholarship program by the government so far.

    The program will include doctorate, master’s, fellowship and bachelor degrees, according to the Saudi Press Agency (SPA) report.

    US college administrators are overjoyed at this windfall: U.S. Schools Compete for Saudi Students.

    MANHATTAN, Kan. – Thousands of students from Saudi Arabia are enrolling on college campuses across the United States this semester under a new educational exchange program brokered by President Bush and Saudi King Abdullah.

    The program will quintuple the number of Saudi students and scholars here by the academic year’s end. And big, public universities from Florida to the Kansas plains are in a fierce competition for their tuition dollars.

    The kingdom’s royal family – which is paying full scholarships for most of the 15,000 students – says the program will help stem unrest at home by schooling the country’s brightest in the American tradition. The U.S. State Department sees the exchange as a way to build ties with future Saudi leaders and young scholars at a time of unsteady relations with the Muslim world….end quote…are we nuts??? you go figure it out…someone just opened the back door to the store…and gave away the key…stay safe my friend…shavuah tov

  4. hello! Hope you are feeling better. I miss your articles.
    I just received my movie! Obsession of the radical Islam..Wow
    Khaled Abu Toameh..he is most definitely dreamy:)….

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