Remember Hitler?

You cannot satisfy Evil. It is insatiable and a bottomless pit.

Remember Hitler?

All that he wanted was the German-speaking parts of Czechoslovakia. The West was uncomfortable about this. They felt that they were abandoning a friend in central Europe, but they reasoned that they needed to neutralize Hitler.

They reasoned that the ‘greatest good for the greatest number’ must always prevail.

They wanted peace in their time.

The problem is that by handing over the German speaking parts of Czechoslovakia to Hitler, Germany was given an easy invasion route into the rest of the country. Czechs and Slovaks were doomed.

Standing up to Hitler when he was relatively weak would have averted World War II and the death of more than 35 million people.

The same is true for radical Islam. If you give in to their demands while they are relatively weak, you will be forced to deal with them when they are strong.

If you abandon Israel like the world abandoned Czechoslovakia…

Well, let’s just say that I wonder how many would die THIS time.

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  1. so how come no one is watching the store??? wake up wake up they are growing stronger and multiplying…ya allah!!! shabbat shalom my dear friend…great blog once again…stay safe

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