A More Acceptable Version of Hitler

All last week, I went on and on, ad nauseum, about the Nazi ideology that lies at the heart of the Palestinian national movement. The Palestinian nationalists were such a great place to start because their Nazism was so obvious. Their founders used Mein Kampf as their second bible, and their followers have made it a best seller.

But, what about threats from other manifestations of radical Islam?

Do we see the direct connection to Hitler’s Nationalist Socialist Party, that we saw with the Palestinian national movement? Do we see founders of these OTHER movements as having formed Waffen SS units during World War II and committing genocide?


For one thing, they lacked opportunity. For another, it was just not necessary.

Why copy Hitler who was, in the end, a failure? Why follow a failed European model, when you can create your own, more effective one? Hitler was a squatty little psychopath with a funny mustache. Who wants to follow that?

So, we won’t see the same version of Nazism in other forms of radical Islam.

However, this doesn’t keep us from seeing the similarities and drawing our own conclusions. These other radical Islamic groups might not have the same literal connection to Hitler that the Palestinians do, but they still share important characteristics with Hitler and Hitler’s Germany.

A word to the wise: If you follow me on this logical journey, you may wind up as profoundly disturbed as I am.