It Starts with the Children

So, what do we do?

The Palestinian national movement is so completely infected by Adolf Hitler’s Nazi ideology that it is hard to separate legitimate national aspirations from the illegitimate insanity of murderous hatred and violence. Palestinian nationalism reflects the violent, genocidal racism of its founders, which means that the root of the problem is… the roots.

However, if you cut out the roots, the tree will die. The movement will die.

I’m not against the death of the Palestinian national movement in its current form, but if you chart such a course, you will need to replace the movement with something else. You will need an alternative that will be acceptable to the Palestinians – an alternative that they will LIKE.

It is not enough to destroy. You must also build, and the building of a thing is vastly more difficult than the destroying of it. AND, this building must be done.

Israel does NOT want to rule over an Arab population. And, it stands to reason that the Arabs themselves would like their leaders to come from among themselves. THAT requires an Arab government – even a state.

How do you get there?

It is right here that I would love to unveil some incredible and awesome plan that will floor you and earn your absolute and unquestioning adulation. But, there is only one plan that has any HOPE of succeeding:

The children.

There is a Jesuit maxim that has always horrified me in it’s cynicism:

Give us a child till he is five, and he is ours for life.

Yet, as horrifying and cynical as this may sound, it is also very true. What you teach children at a young age will follow them for the rest of their lives.

That’s why Palestinian nationalists spend so much time teaching violence and genocide to children in their schools and their summer camps.

It’s also why schools and summer camps must be set up that teach a message of love and a respect for others. Messages of hate MUST be taken out of schoolbooks and textbooks, and replaced with messages of peace and reconciliation. Television programs for children must never be allowed to encourage racism and hatred.

Of course, we don’t stop there. We must support Imams like Sheikh Prof. Abdul Hadi Palazzi who preach peace and reconciliation. We must donate our time and our wealth to Arab leaders who are willing to lead their people to peace, and not war.

But, it starts with the children.

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  1. great blog once again john…i recently saw a program on tv…a quite nice looking man was talking…kind of the perfect age—my age :)…turns out he was a hitler youth…and during his childhood he rose very high in the ranks of the hitler youth…he was talking about how it ruined his life and how it took decades before he could understand how he was brainwashed and how hard he worked to live a normal life…golda said…it’s not so much that you kill our children…it’s that you make our children kill yours…stay safe

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