It’s Deja Vu All Over Again

Hitler was not the originator of the philosophy of racial supremacy, of racial superiority. He’s just it’s most eloquent spokesman.

And to be fair, this evil barbaric ideology exists to some degree in all of us. Who of us hasn’t thought/said at one time or another that if a certain kind of person were somewhere else, your neighborhood/state/country would be a better place?

All of us, at one time or another, have said/thought/expressed this, and it’s evil. It’s one of many reasons why we are but a step away from the barbarians that we struggle against. As the saying goes…

But for the grace of God, there go I.

But, we were talking about Hitler and racial/national purity.

His first goal was to ‘cleanse’ Germany, and then ‘cleanse’ Europe – before going on to ‘cleanse’ the world. And those that he did not ‘cleanse’ (i.e. kill) he would enslave. After all, the ubermenschen (over people) needed untermenschen (under people) to be superior to.

Islam preaches the same message in the Middle East. They say that the reason why the Arabs have not progressed is because there are those who ‘defile’ their home. They say that there are those among them who keep them from their destiny.

In the Middle East, Islam preaches that the world will be conquered by the Muslim, and that they will cleanse and enslave the infidel – the untermenschen.

That’s why perusing Mein Kampf yesterday was so much like perusing a pamphlet on radical Islam. It’s the same thing – in almost every way. The parallel is frightening.

I’ve lived in Israel for fourteen years, so none of this is new or shocking – though, it remains horrifying.

What does shock me, even now, is to see those in the West raise the radical Muslim banner and claim that Israel is at the heart of the problems in the Middle East. It shocks me to hear reporters nonchalantly refer to Israel as the ‘Arab Wound’. It infuriates me to see liberal intellectuals pander to this Arabic version of Nazism.

Radical Islam is the new Nazi party, and their imams and mullahs are the new Hitler. And, the conflict that we are fighting with them is the new World War.

It’s deja vu all over again.

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  1. Speaking of Deja Vu, both Hitler and the Arab leaders use(d) anti-sematism to prop up their tenuous hold on power. Anti-sematism is particularly useful to Arab dictators who rule solely because of their parents political skill with the British, and to the Arab runner-ups who want to upstage or replace them. It distracts the people from the failings of their leaders, excuses them from personal responsibility for their situation, and gives them a common enemy to hate.

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