It’s the Dirty Laundry

I was just reading Marallyn’s latest entry in her blog, Shalom from Jerusalem.

Everything that she writes is a slice-of-life-and-you-are-there view of Israel, and they are great posts. But, the latest one reminded me of the difference between Israel and the rest of the Middle East.

In Israel, they air their dirty laundry. They fight and argue and complain – incessantly. They splash the dirty deeds of their politicians across the front page. They argue against the war – as well as FOR the war – while the war is being faught. Nothing is sacred.

You will never see this in Arab countries. Foolishness and shameful behavior is tolerated because no one knows about it. The dirty deeds are kept behind closed doors, which means that the dirty deeds never stop. In Arab countries, everything is sacred.

It’s all about democracy. Politicians in democratic countries live under a microscope. If they screw up, if they do evil… if they ARE evil… it’s on the headlines and they are booted out of office.

Olmert will probably lose his job because of the mistakes made in this latest war in Lebanon. The mistakes made by Hezbollah and Syria and Iran dwarf those made by Israel, but Nasrallah, Assad, and Ahmadinijad will keep THEIR jobs.

It’s the dirty laundry that tells you that there’s democracy in action.

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  1. thank you my darling…your opinion means a great deal to me…because you know…and you care…and you would tell me if i was out in left field…stay safe my friend…smooches

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