If You Call that Victory…

I find Bashar Assad’s crowing and chest beating amusing. It’s a lot like the posturing of his father after his disastrous attack on Israel in 1973.

I guess that we should consider it as yet another one of those incomprehensible (but quaint) family traditions.

Anyway… Bashar Assad, the leader of Syria, claims that there is now a new Middle East – that brave Nasrallah of the amazing Hezbollah has won a great victory.

Oh, how fabulous.

Hezbollah has lost between ten and a hundred fighters for every one soldier lost by Israel. Hezbollah command and control has been decimated. Fortifications along the border of Israel have been destroyed.

Israel attempted to protect the civilian population in Lebanon by using expensive, precisely guided munitions. Yet, hundreds of civilians still died. Thousands of civilian structures were damaged and destroyed. The development of the state of Lebanon has suffered horribly, and will take years to recover.

If you call that victory, I am waiting to see what your defeat will look like.

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