The Ball is In Your Court

Now comes the finger-pointing.

In Israel, some will say that they have achieved a great victory. Hizbullah has been served notice that it cannot act with impunity. Lebanon and the Lebanese have been served notice that there are consequences when crimes are committed against Israel. The Arab world has been served notice that Israel will not stand still when attacked.

However, others in Israel will say that the war was a failure. The two boys kidnapped from their tank in northern Israel have not been returned. Hizbullah is still intact and functioning as an organization. In return for the damage and devastation in the north of Israel, they have received only a promise of cease-fire in return.

A cease-fire that will probably not hold.

(Remember that we are dealing with Muslim Shiite radicals. Terrorists.)

Anyway, finger-pointing.

That finger-pointing will undoubtedly culminate in yet another Israeli election. And, whoever wins that election will shape the future of Israel and her plans for peace.

To the Arab leaders who say that they want peace, now is your chance. Bring the two boys back from their captors. Disarm Hizbullah. Put a halt to the Kassam rocket attacks.

Do these things and the peace camp in Israel will prevail. If you do not do these things, then the cycle of war continue, and your people will suffer.

The ball is in your court.

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  1. bingo!!! i couldn’t have said it better myself…as a matter of fact, i didn’t…bravo…stay safe

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