Very Clever

I think that the Israeli government has played this one out really well.

There is a UN cease fire that Israel has signed, which means that there is a clear end to the fighting in sight.

At the same time, Israel has positioned forces in such a way that they will be able hinder Hezbollah reinfiltration south of the Litani river.

This means that Israel has won. For now.

Of course the war never ends, but this round has been won.

However, one thing has not been won. The two Israeli citizens that were serving in uniform, that were kidnapped at the beginning of this war… THEY have not been won back.

That is not acceptible. Not at all.

Unfortunately, it never was that case that they could have been won back by force of arms. That will take several ‘black ops’ missions to accomplish. That will be ongoing, and is NOT covered by this ceasefire.

But for now, Israel has won – on many fronts. She has made mistakes, and has recovered from most of them. I hope that she has learned from all of them.

She’s been very good, and very clever.