Welcome to Our World

Everyone who visits Israel is taken aback by the intrusive, and unobtrusive security here. And, to all of those who have been insulted and annoyed by the tight security, I have repeatedly said that someday, they too will need to maintain the level of security that Israel maintains.

Today, we’ve seen that happen. Because of the recent terrorist plot, a level of security has been imposed that only an Israeli would understand.

However, the difference between Israeli security and what the West has imposed now, is efficiency. Israeli security is a well-oiled machine. They are good at this.

From the moment that you see the security guards at the airport…

You are watched.

You are profiled and evaluated.

Your entire life is drug out and analyzed. No personal detail is immune to scrutiny.

Every personal item is challenged, and your explanation had better be good – or, you’ll leave it behind (and, you might even leave YOU behind.)

You will feel bruised, insulted, and violated.

And every bit of it will be absolutely necessary.

Welcome to our world.

2 thoughts on “Welcome to Our World”

  1. and that’s why we fly el al…it may stand for every landing always late…but hey we all know the friendly skies ain’t so friendly any more…stay safe and a sweet shabbat my friend

  2. Yes, there’s nothin like being stripped! To bad we still have our clothing on. It’s definatly a crazy world out there isn’t it? Maybe now folks will WAKE UP! Preciious few more than likely.

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