My Heart Bleeds for Them

Leaders in the Arab world are worried.


And, in the international news media, they talk about how worried they are, what they are worried about, and then blame it all on Israeli aggression.

They say that Israel’s war with Hezbollah is radicallizing the ‘Arab street’ (the average Arab) and threatening the stability of the Middle East.

Outside of Israel, stability in the Middle East is a fragile thing.

So, Arab leaders bleet and baa over how terrible Israel is, but I have a question:

Where were they when Iran was delivering missiles to Hezbollah via Syria?

Why haven’t THEY tried to disarm Hezbollah?

(oops, two questions!)

It seems that the Sunni leaders in the Middle East have finally woken up to the fact that the Shiite Hezbollah is a threat to them, not just Israel.

Do I mean that they thought that that a growing, sophisticated Shiite army in southern Lebanon would ONLY attack Israel?

Do I mean, that they thought that this radical SHIITE Islamist army wouldn’t ALSO try to destabilize – even destroy – corrupt pro-western, SUNNI regimes?

Do I mean that Sunni Arab leaders in the Middle East have been terminally stupid and should thank Israel for doing a job that THEY should have done long ago?

Yes, that is EXACTLY what I mean.

It’s amazing to think that Israel’s neighbors would have had enough brain cells to rub together to figure this out WITHOUT Israel having to invade southern Lebanon. But, they sat on their hands and did nothing, which means that they now have a ‘threat to stability in the Middle East’.

My heart bleeds for them.

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  1. i wish i had said this but irwin graulich did…
    “The truth be told that should Iran dare make one wrong move directly on Israel, then Israel will simply “Beat the Shiite out of them!”

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