Jail First, Then Peace

Yonatan Shapira is a fool.

… and it illustrates a stark difference between Israel and the Arab world.

In the Arab world, Yonatan would be dead. And, since I’ve just called him a fool, his brother would (in the Arab world) hunt me down and have ME killed.

But, we live in Israel where there is something called free speach, where fools like Yonatan can live and thrive and try to spread foolishness – just like I try to spread my OWN foolishness.

Why is Yonatan a fool?

He heads a group called Combatants for Peace. It’s aim is:

To raise the consciousness in both publics regarding the hopes and suffering of the other side, and to create partners in dialogue.

To educate towards reconciliation and non-violent struggle in both the Israeli and Palestinian societies.

To create political pressure on both Governments to stop the cycle of violence, end the occupation and resume a constructive dialog.

Those are wonderful goals. Really. In fact, we will NEED those goals when the dust settles. Who knows, maybe Yonatan himself will be needed to show the sensitive side of Israel.

But, why is he a fool?

He believes that the only way that we can achieve peace is through dialogue.

He is horrified that Israel has responded to Hezbollah attacks with military force.

He calls on members of the Israel Army, Air Force and Navy to put down their weapons in protest.

Oh, and if you do a search on Google for Yonatan Shapiro and Combatants for Peace, you will find that the people that support him, also think that Castro is a great guy.


But, I understand. He, and the rest of Israel, are tired of war. They want peace. They want respect. They don’t want people to hate them. They want to be good neighbors. They want to get back to the vision that the early Jewish pioneers had: to be a light unto the nations. They want to love and be loved.

The problem is that you cannot do that until you put the criminals threatening your family in jail.