Two Sites to Pay Attention To


Still sick, just not as dreadfully as yesterday, or the day before.

But, it’s still pretty dreadful.

Anyway, since I can’t think straight, there’s no way that anything that I write will be terribly thoughtful, so here are a couple places to get material that is thoughtful and interesting:

This is where you can install Megaphone, a neat little piece of software that sits quietly in the lower righthand corner of your screen. When something comes up regarding Israel, a little box pops asking if you want to read, share, etc.

It’s also a opportunity for you to play a part in the struggle for accurate reporting on Israel.

In her blog, Marallyn touches the human side of this conflict in ways that us ‘intellectual types’ have difficulty doing. I highly recommend visiting her ‘blogspot’ on a regular basis – after, of course, you’ve visited mine!

1 thought on “Two Sites to Pay Attention To”

  1. All of you are still in my prayers.

    Please forgive my Idiot comments..that’s after a lot of stress and a little too much red wine:)

    God care for our world, and especially your chosen people at this time.

    May Jesus serve as a refuge to all that seek him.

    Lots of love, Angels

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