A friend of mine called me up last night and said, “John, you’ve gotta see this movie.”

Being the rather cynical guy that I am, my mental response was “Well, I don’t HAFTA see anything.”

Not knowing that she was already talking to the world expert on everything, she went on, “It encapsulates the whole conflict. Everything.”

Riiiiight, I thought. ANOTHER moviearticlethoughtidea that explains lifetheuniverseandeverything.

Worse, my friend was telling ME, Mr. World-Expert-on-Islam-and-the-Arab-Israeli-conflict.

She didn’t know how shaky her ground was, so she went on. “It’s about an hour long, but you REALLY need to see it.”

“Okay,” I said. “I’ll bookmark it.”

My friend knows me all too well, so she wasn’t satisfied with such a non-commital answer. “It’ll be great for your blog.”


I knew that the only way out of the discussion was to cave in, at least a little bit.

“Okay,” I said. “I’ll watch a few minutes.”

She knew that this was as much as she was going to get out of me, so she let me change the subject.

This morning, being the good Little boy that I am, I sat down to watch a movie. For a few minutes.

I was mesmorized.

That commitment of a ‘few minutes’ turned into an hour. I couldn’t turn away.

If you have more than two brain cells to rub together, you won’t be able to turn away either. It will grab your attention and not let go. It will grab you by the throat and shake you to your core.

Beware. It will also have a profound effect on your view of the world.

And when it does, doen’t blame me. Blame my friend.

Women. They can be SO annoying.


Here’s the link to watch the video*:


Here is where you can buy the video:


(Please buy this video!)

Do not read any of my blog entries until you have watched this movie. I’m serious.

*The video on Google isn’t the best quality, which is yet ANOTHER reason to buy this video!

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  1. hello my dear friend…i have been reading about this film now for two days…and have asked the kids to get the video…that good/bad eh??? stay safe my dear dear john

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