Hezbollah Pulled a ‘Fast One’ at Qana?

I hate conspiracy theories.

I was spoon-fed them as a kid, but when I got a Little more sense and realized how stupid they were… I stopped believing in them.

They are tiresome and give me a rash.

The interesting thing about the Arabs, though, is that they thrive on conspiracy theories. Everything that happens to them is a cynical plot to steal their camels.

(Frankly, I love the idea of the Jews secretly ruling the world. We non-Jews certainly haven’t been doing such a great job of it ourselves.)

Why do the Arabs believe so much in conspiracy theories?

Because they plot so many of their own. Plot hatching is a big thing in the Arab world, which means that they can’t understand why we aren’t doing the same thing.

That’s why, even though I hate the idea, I am starting to believe that there might be something to the conspiracy theory making the rounds about Qana.

I have a friend who has covered the Palestinians for years as a freelance news photographer, and he has story after story of the cynical manipulation of the press by the Palestinians. I’m afraid that Hizbullah is manipulating us in just the same way.

And you know what? If this ISN’T a conspiracy, and we all wind up blaming Hizbullah for something that they DIDN’T do… well, it makes up for all the OTHER conspiracies that they DID get away with.


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  1. I just can’t agree with your final statement. As a child I was spoon fed truth, like for instance: two wrongs don’t make a right or the end never justifies the means. I love justice too much to want injustice for anyone, even someone that might “deserve” it. Those women and children deserve justice, and that requires the truth being known.

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