Every Soldier, a Civilian

In Israel, every soldier is a civilian.

Every child that reaches the age of 18 is inducted into the army. Every child.

A friend of mine has a son that has been called up for combat duty in southern Lebanon.

He’s a child.

Israeli children are fighting and dying in a place that they do not want to go, because the ‘civilians’ of that place did not make the painful decision to stop Hizbullah themselves.

The tradgedy is that Israel must let their children go to fight and die. And then bring their broken bodies home. They have no other choice. Have your ever seen a father bury his only son?

They are children, and every Israeli parent loves them – and when Hizbullah kills and wounds them the world thinks that this is somehow different from when a shopkeeper is killed or wounded.

It is NO different.

Well, there is this difference. The shopkeepers of Lebanon stood by while Hizbullah took control of southern Lebanon. The school teachers and shoe salesmen and grocery store owners of southern Lebanon did nothing to stop the Hizbullah’s insidious, cancerous growth. They sat by while the hate poured from Hizbullah radio stations.

And, because they huddled in their houses and did nothing, Israel has been handed the job.

Israel has done everything that it can to protect the lives of Lebanese civilians – and far too many Israeli soldiers have died to protect those civilians. Israeli soldiers have spent precious moments picking out the Hizbullah fighters hiding among the Lebanese civilians, and too many of those soldiers have died in those precious moments.

I am not interested in seeing any more of that.

I hate the thought of Lebanese civilians dying in this conflict, but I also cannot support the death of Israeli children because those same Lebanese chose so poorly.

And, when Lebanese civilians refuse to leave the battle zone, I can only say that they have made another poor choice and will need to take their chances.

Don’t you think that it is fascinating that Israel is trying to avoid civilian casualties, while Hizbullah is TRYING to kill civilians?