When Israeli Civilians Die, They Celebrate

A friend of mine lives within shouting distance of Palestinian villages in the West Bank.

A few days ago, I was sitting in his barber chair having my head shortened, when he told me that you can hear the Palestinians celebrate when Hizbullah rockets hit Israel.

I said, “You mean, THAT is the reason why I keep hearing fireworks every night?” (I’m not so far from the Palestinians myself.)

“Yup,” he responded. “That’s the reason.”

You’d think that I’d get used to this. You’d think that I would be immune when Arabs celebrate the death of Israelis. But, I’m not.

And, it illustrates a key difference between Arab and Jew. The Jews mourn when civilians are killed. The Arabs celebrate.

Just look at Hizbullah. Their radio stations gloat over the number of Israeli civilian deaths. To Hizbullah, killing Israeli civilians is the POINT.

This gloating has been going on for DAYS.

What I’d like to know then, is why are the Lebanese so upset when Israel ACCIDENTLY kills civilians – and is sorry about it?

After all, the Lebanese stand idly by and allow Hizbullah to gloat over every dead Israeli father, mother and child. Why are they so upset? Isn’t it true that ‘Turn-about is fair play’?

And, WHY isn’t the international media reporting on this?

I had to hear this from the mouth of a LEBANESE woman.

4 thoughts on “When Israeli Civilians Die, They Celebrate”

  1. i have learned more from you in the past few weeks than i have from hours and hours watching tv and listening to the news…bless you…stay safe…

  2. I have one last question..this must be some spell or something..
    These people, the innocent civilians that did not flee when Israel warned them..would it be comparable to the people of New Orleans, LA in the US? The poor, sick and elderly, etc? I mean, where are they supposed to go?

  3. Hi Anne!

    I see your confused like a lot of us. I recently went to my local library and got every book I could about the middle east, well (1) to be exact. I made a joke once about needing the book “The Middle East For Dummies” and you know what they have those! You won’t find much in travel books to Israel though. I’m going in the fall unless the US government stops me.

    I would have to suggest that the best book in this world to find the answers about the Middle East and the conflict going on with Israel and ALL of it’s advisaries is the BIBLE. This battle is nothing new for Israel.

    There is definatly a “spiritual war” being waged that we can’t see along with the obvious evil that we do see.

    It makes me sick to listen to the news here in the US. Reporters whinning about Lebonese civilians being killed. The death toll is rising on both sides! I’m not even there and I know that Hizballah hide among civilians and that those civilians had plenty of opportunity to “Just say NO” but did they? This didn’t happen over night people!!! Lebanese new what was going on around them. They saw the signs and made their choices.

    If the Lebanese civilians who stayed (and I use ‘civilians’ lightly)are so upset about what’s happening than why aren’t THEY taking the action necessary to do away with those responsible….. Hizballah

    Like I said before if this was happening in my town, on my soil and I was stuck here I wouldn’t hesitate to take the action necessary to STOP the bad guy. Of course you have to believe that the terrorist IS the bad guy.

    Thank you John for your insight. God bless Israel and her military and the Israeli families being touched in such a grave way by this war against terror.

    Legions of angels are fighting with you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    God keeps His promises!!!!

  4. I just scrolled back to almost a year ago in this blog because I wanted to see what your comments were during the Israel/Lebanon conflict….The news media largely does not report anything that is remotely pro Israel..infact during this time I went to aish.com and found a video about photo fraud in Lebanon..Doctoring photos to make it look like there were dead children etc…that were killed by Israelis when infact that was not the case…Very frustrating…

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