The Irony of Civilian Deaths in Qana

You know what would really be ironic?

…if we found out that the 57 Lebanese civilians in Qana were killed by Hizbullah missiles.

Wouldn’t that be ironic?

Israel attacked the building a little after midnight. The building collapsed seven hours later.


Here is what the Israel Defense Forces had to say:

Eshel refrained from specifying what had caused the structure to collapse seven hours after it was hit, but senior IAF officers said Sunday night that the explosion could have been caused by an unexploded missile or by a Hizbullah-planted explosive device.

“It could be that there was something in the building that caused the explosion,” Eshel said.

Eshel said that close to 150 Katyusha rockets had been fired from the Lebanese village over the past 20 days. Hizbullah had hidden rocket launchers, Eshel said, in civilian buildings in the village. Video footage he presented at a press conference in Tel Aviv Sunday night showed rocket launchers being driven into the village following attacks on northern Israel.


In another part of the article, a high ranking Israel Airforce officer went on to say that…

…the building hit Sunday was chosen as a target after intelligence indicated that Hizbullah guerrillas were hiding inside, where Katyusha rockets and launchers were also hidden.

“We warned the residents that we would be attacking there,” the high-ranking officer said. “We work under the assumption that the villages are empty and that whoever is there is affiliated with Hizbullah.”


The building in Qana could have collapsed seven hours later because it was poorly constructed. It could have collapsed because the damage was just bad enough that the collapse was inevitable, after seven hours.

I don’t know about you, but hitting something and having it fall apart seven hours later is incredibly difficult to imagine.

Of course, it’s easier to imagine when we remember that the building was attacked because Hizbullah was using it. Could it be that the building fell because a missile stored inside exploded seven hours later? Setting off the REST of the missiles stored in the building?

THAT I can imagine.

Of course, that would mean that the civilians were killed by Hizbullah.

… and that’s pretty ironic.

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  1. You know, I think your friend is right. It is a war about mainly religion. Well, why don’t they freaking tell us that here in the US?!! Your friend mentioned that 2% of the Muslems are terrorists..well, why isn’t the other 98% doing something about it? Something fishy is going on. We are bombard with all of these little terrorists groups with names that all start sounding the same..the cities, the groups, no wonder a whole lot of people in the US (and I know this) just don’t care to watch the news or listen anymore. Oh, and then, as if the mideast weren’t complex enough, they throw in North Korea, and all of those foreign names as well. We don’t have time to decipher what’s between the lines in the news..we still have to go to work, pay our bills and buy gasoline to get there. No, I am not going to go out and bomb any Muslem temples..or even be rude to them at the grocery store. If I were of that nature, I’d have started with the people at work who sit and talk about remodeling kitchens and decorating living rooms all*day*long.

  2. Hi SP:)
    Thank you for the advices:) I have the Idiot’s’s big and orange..and it really helped..those books are great!
    Israeloutlook won’t quote the Bible..there is a long blahblahblah about it somewhere in the June archives? It’s in response to a question that I never asked, BTW. I made a *request*.

  3. Hi Anne,

    Oh I remember the post your refering to I think..seperation of religion and politics. I understand where he’s going with it. I’m just the kind of person where it just naturally comes out no matter what. Do we really need John to throw verses at us? That’s where we come in. In fact I’ll throw the first one….John 3:16 For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son (Jesus Christ) that whosoever believes in Him will NOT parish but have EVER LASTING LIFE!!!!!!

    God bless Israel and all peoples who support her in her struggle against evil.

    PS a blog is a blahblahblah we all should probably have one. :) This one just happens to be right on the money! Thanks John!

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