Doing the Lebanese Army’s Job

Here’s a news report that I would have loved to have read:

Elements of the Lebanese armed forces stormed the Hizbullah command and control center in southern Beirut. General Ahmed Jabouri said today that, while the fighting is fierce, they are making progress. He went on to say that it was an important first step in rousting Hizbullah from their bases in the south.

In related news, the Lebanese Air Force struck the Hizbullah stronghold of Majdel Zoun. Hospitals in nearby towns report a massive influx of civilian casualties…

I really would love to read a story like that one day (well, except for the part about the civilian casualties). But, it will never happen because the Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF) are a joke.

Oh, they are sincere enough, and I am sure that every soldier in the LAF is willing to die for his country. The problem is that the air force is nonexistent. Their tanks should be in a museum. And, what infantry they DO have is poorly trained and ill-equipped.

Hizbullah, on the other hand, is highly motivated, highly trained – and supported by Syria and Iran.

The only way that the Lebanese Armed Forces is EVER going to dislodge Hizbullah, is if someoneELSE comes in and does it for them.

Guess what’s happening now.

Every battle waged by the Israeli Defense Forces in southern Lebanon, is a battle that the Lebanese Armed Forces does NOT need to wage.

And trust me, the Israeli army is MUCH more careful about civilians than the Lebanese army.

The point is that Israel is doing a good job – a job that the Lebanese army would have had to do, if Israel wasn’t there and doing it for them.

I am sure that the Lebanese general in command of the LAF is thanking Allah that Israel is doing a job he couldn’t do.