Maybe They Aren’t So Civilian

All of us here in Israel have been wondering why Israeli combat units are suffering such high casualties. We have started to understand that the reason is civilians.

Take the town of Bint Jbail. (I don’t want it, so you can have it.)

Why didn’t the civilians of Bint Jbail leave town when Israel asked them to? Why are they still there?

Before attacking this crucial stronghold, Israel blanketed the area with leaflets warning them to get out, and giving them days to do so. They didn’t.

That’s why Israel couldn’t bomb them from the air. Innocent men, women, and children would die. Israel could not stomach that, so they went in on the ground.

To be faced with an enemy dressed up as civilians, hiding behind civilians. (An Israeli soldier will do anything he, or she, can to keep from hurting a civilian.)

Some are saying that the citizens of Bint Jbail are still there because Hizbullah is holding them hostage. If this is so, I want the rest of the world to know this, but I’m not so sure that this is true.

My suspicion is that the civilians of Bint Jbail aren’t so civilian.

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