Because Corruption Kills

If you are a U.N. peacekeeper in Southern Lebanon, you need to make sure that terrorists aren’t using you for protection. You also might want to make sure that you aren’t involved in supporting terrorists by passing on intelligence to them.

You need to be very, very careful of that.

Because, it might be that your liaison officer will be so frustrated with you that he won’t pass on information that will save your life.

I don’t know how those four U.N. peacekeepers died. If it was deliberate, those who decided to kill them should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

It could have been the forward air controller calling in the air strike. (Pilots often don’t actually see the targets that their firing on, but must rely on coordinates and other ‘precise’ targeting information.)

It might have been a special forces unit that was sloppy with the laser targeting device.

It might have been the U.N. Liaison who didn’t pass on information that he should have.

It might have been the firebase commander who was criminally negligent in making sure that artillery shells DIDN’T land on the peacekeeping post.

It also might have been the fault of the terrorists who used the ‘dead zone’ around the U.N. post as a refuge.

It could have been all of those things. Or, none of them. We’ll find out, because the reason is out there. But, at least part of the reason lies with the U.N. itself.

They are one of the most corrupt organizations on earth, and that’s reflected in the numbers of young girls raped in refugee camps. It’s reflected in the amount of money siphoned out of U.N. budgets into personal bank accounts. It’s reflected in the vilification of Israel and the support of murderous and corrupt dictatorships.

I have a buddy who was a liaison officer between U.N. peacekeepers and the IDF (Israel Defense Forces). Yosi (not his real name) can tell you a lot about these guys.

He’s caught them passing sensitive information directly to Hizbullah. He even found one guy rifling his desk searching for documents to steal.

And then, there’s this policy that they have. Catch and release. Terrorists, when they are being chased by an Israeli unit, often use U.N. posts to escape. True, the peacekeepers capture them and confiscate their weapons. That’s the good part. The problem is that they then escort the terrorist to a place of safety and give them back their weapons.

And Yosi’s had to put up with a quite a bit of verbal abuse from these guys.

On the other hand, I’m pretty certain that most peacekeepers are honest and serious about their work. Most probably have quite a bit of integrity and try to do the best that they can in a difficult situation.

In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if we found that the four peacekeepers who died were ‘the good kind’. I kind of believe that already, knowing the nationality of those who were killed.

But, if it turns out that the liaison officer, the firebase commander, or the forward air controller was criminally negligent, I’ll lay at least part of the blame at the feet of the U.N. peacekeepers themselves.

Because corruption kills.

2 thoughts on “Because Corruption Kills”

  1. hi….well thought out article, but you missed one….ie…it could have been the the UN “observers” were aiding Hizbullah…..My first thoughts, and only thoughts until an investigation is conducted, is that they were, and hence a legitimate target.


  2. dearest…i am sorry that i didn’t write sooner…i can’t tell you how important your blog is and how i hope the world reads what you are writing…i for one walk away from each blog enriched, enlightened, and still thinking…all of us here in israel at this time have been chosen to be here…and you are one of the prophets…one of the men who was killed…a canadian, i believe…had sent home emails complaining that the hizbullah was using the UN as a sheild…and why am i not surprised??? how about meeting for coffee and bring along yosi…wow…now that is one interesting dude…i’ll supply the cake…stay safe

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