The Price Israel Pays

People routinely think that Israel gets off easy in conflicts like this. They think that the lower body count on the Israel side of the border is the end of the story.

It’s not – and Hizbollah knows this.

This is a much bigger story than can fit in a single blog entry, so I’ll talk about just one small aspect: Foreign Direct Investment.

Israel is a great place to set up a high tech company. The talent here is amazing.

But, if missiles are raining down on Northern and Central Israel, do you think that anyone is going to want to set up a company in such an area?


That means that there are fewer people being hired by high tech companies. It means that High Tech workers will spend less at the grocery store. It means that a friend of mine will be building fewer additions to people’s houses. It means that the banks will make less money.

My friend will hire fewer day laborers. The grocery store won’t need as much staff. The bank will need to let go one of their clerks.

Those who live on the edge in our society will begin to suffer.

And then, tax revenues will fall, meaning that the government will have less money to spend on health care and food subsidies and housing for battered women and… the list goes on.

Israel will pay the price for this conflict for years and years to come, and that price will affect those who are marginal in our society: the homeless, battered women and children, the elderly.

2 thoughts on “The Price Israel Pays”

  1. dear john…my computer died when the power came back on two days ago…just got it back…ptew…of course i ran to see your blog…and wowoweee what do i find? besides your brilliant intake on the situation here…me…you mentioned me too…yahoooo…thanks for telling your readers about my blog…you make me think…you put a slant to things in such an easy manner that the less alert would think it’s easy…boyohboy do i know just how difficult it is to get the word out like you are doing…bless you…stay safe…keep writing…we need you…shabbat shalom…jerusalem and i are both lucky to have you as a friend

  2. So, I get confused. Is this a war on terrorism? Terrorists groups? Land?
    Religion is just an innocent bystander?

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