Watching for the Knife in the Back

I love the cynicism and posturing of Arab leaders. They wax eloquent over the brotherhood of Arab and Muslim, while stabbing each other in the back.

In 1967, Gamal Abdel Nasser, the leader of Egypt, started a war he couldn’t win. That much, most people know. What people DO NOT know is that when it became clear that they were losing, Nasser called up the Jordanian King and told him that they were winning. He said that the Arab world would laugh at the Jordanians, if they didn’t get into the fight. King Hussein believed Nasser, and entered the war – and lost badly.

In 1972, Syria gave vital support to the PLO in their attempt to decapitate (literally) the Jordanian monarchy and take over Jordan. They mobilized the Syrian army on the border with Jordan, and prepared to invade their Jordanian ‘brother’. Jordan was able to do nothing because she was paralyzed by orchestrated uprisings of Palestinians all over the country. That’s why Israel mobilized the IDF and threatened to invade Syria – if Syria made the mistake of invading her Muslim and Arab ‘brother’.

In 1980, while Iran was in the throes of the chaos following the Islamic Revolution, Saddam invaded his Muslim ‘brother’ – thinking that Iran was weak. Iran WAS weak, and paid for that weakness in massive casualties. Saddam’s attempt at empire was paved with the bodies of Muslim brothers and sisters.

I could go on.

The account of cynical betrayal of Arabs by Arabs and Muslims by Muslims is long and terrible. And, if Arabs and Muslims are so routinely betrayed by their ‘brothers’, do you really think that Israel can afford to trust them? If an Arab or Muslim ‘brother’ appears to be weak, and therefore must fear his Arab/Muslim neighbors…

That’s why Israel cannot afford to allow the Arabs to see Israel as less than willing to defend herself with total force.

That’s also why the West cannot allow themselves to believe the rhetoric coming from the mouths of Arab apologists.

It may just be yet another prelude to a knife in the back.

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