Because it Doesn’t Rain in July

Y’all know that I’m an Indiana boy living in Israel, and I’ve returned to my home state on assignment. Temporary assignment.

My job got cut short. Almost by a head. Mine.

Anyway, the trip here has been a good one, if for no other reason than that i woke up to rain this morning. It’s July, and it’s raining. That is so incredibe.

For someone like myself, who has lived in Israel for almost 14 years, rain in July is one of the most amazing experiences. I can’t even describe it properly, except to say that I couldn’t do anything but stare at the amazing sight of water falling out of the sky in July.

Those of you living in the arid middle west, understand that. It doesn’t rain in July in Nevada. It doesn’t rain in July in western Texas.

In Israel, it doesn’t.

Think about that for a moment. You have enough water to drink, to bathe with, and to water the lawn with – because there are parts of America that get rain in July.

What happens if that rain doesn’t come?

People fight. They start with words. They escalate to finger pointing. They go to court. And, when none of THAT works… they go to war.

Imagine the headlines:

“The forward elements of the Utah army crossed into Colorado today. The Governor of Utah, said in an address earlier, that the damming of the Colorado River left them no other choice…”

That sounds ridiculous to you?

Then why is the Egyptian army training for jungle warfare?

There are no jungles in Egypt. They are MUCH further up the Nile.

That’s right. You figured it out. In the not-to-distant future, there will be a war between Egypt and Sudan over water. Just as, one day there will be a war between Arab countries and Israel over water – unless something is done to prevent it.

… because it doesn’t rain in July.