No Israel is an Island

Well, guess what I forgot to do yesterday?

Sorry about that.

I’d been up late into the morning and my sleep-fogged brain never so much as hiccuped as I ran out the door.

Now that it is Monday, I find that after having been up into the morning AGAIN, my brain is STILL sleep-fogged.

I’ve gotta stop eating those pop-tarts.

It’s a good thing that we don’t have them in Israel.

Another one of the things that we don’t have in Israel is space. Well, we have some, but that some is very small. Worse, we don’t even have a SENSE of space.

If you live in Rhode Island, you can always hop over the border to Connecticut, or Massechusets, if you’re tired of home. And, if you don’t mind a bit of driving, the whole rest of the United States beckons.

That gives you a tremendous feeling of freedom, of space – even though Rhode Island is the smallest state in the US. The knowledge that all that you need to do is turn the key in the ignition and drive makes you feel that the world is your oyster.

Before the peace signing a few years ago, with Jordan, the closest eastern neighbor that your average Israeli could visit was India, thousands of miles away. To the North and West, you had Europe and Turkey – and to the south, Africa. Hundreds of miles away.

It was as if Israel were an Island.

Of course, on an Island, you can paddle around the place and feel like you were getting somewhere.