Because We Don’t Remember Reasons

Israel is preparing to invade the Gaza strip for a cause that you and I consider to be reasonable and necessary.

In fact, the rest of the world thinks that it’s reasonable.

That’s now.

That will change.

At every stage in Israel’s life, where conflict was inevitable, the world felt that Israel’s position was ‘reasonable’. They would later decide that it was not.

In 1948, it was reasonable for Israel to defend herself from attack from the Arab world. In 1956, it was reasonable for Israel to respond to the blockade of her southern port. In 1967, it was reasonable to preempt the simultaneous invasion by three Arab states. In 1973, it was reasonable to defend herself from invasion by Syria and Egypt. In 1982, it was reasonable for Israel to invade southern Lebanon to stop the PLO from using Lebanon as a base for attacks on Israel.

All of these things were considered reasonable – at the time.

The world would eventually decide otherwise.

The problem is that we have short memories when it comes to reason. Memory fades when we ponder the whys and wherefors of conflict. Reason is cast aside when the results of war come under scrutiny.

War is awful. No one knows that better than Israel. They live with the results every day, and they hate it. That’s why they do everything possible to avoid it, and are ALWAYS forced into it. Always.

We stand on the brink of yet another war. As wars go, it will be a small one, and it will be no less awful than its bigger cousins. And, it will be no less necessary.

In the awful aftermath, and in the coming years, the revisionists will step in and accuse Israel of evil intent. As our memories fade, more and more of us will listen.

Because we don’t remember reasons.