It’s as Simple as That

It is normal for countries to invade one another.

No. Really. Invasion is normal.

France. Germany. Italy. Britain. The US. Everyone’s done it, and everyone is doing it.

Most of the time, these invasions are nothing short of evil. Some are just stupid.

And then there are those that are necessary and required.

We can all hope that one day the world will be civilized enough that openness and restraint will be thought of as strength and not weakness. However, until that day comes, we will be forced to hold nations and states accountable for the actions of their citizens – or suffer attack at the hands of those who prey upon the weak.

That means if Mexicans are coming across the border and murdering and kidnapping American citizens, America has a duty and obligation to require the Mexican government and the Mexican people to stop the problem.

And, if they won’t, America would be required to invade.

It’s as simple as that.