Gilad Shalit and the Rule of Law

Only six percent of Palestinians believe that Gilad Shalit should be released immediately.

Most of the rest want an exchange of prisoners.

Sounds fair, right? After all, Israel holds a massive number of Palestinians prisoner. And, let’s not forget the armed incursions and targeted killings by the Israeli army.

Let’s also not forget that Gilad Shalit is a soldier, and trading one kind of fighter for another sounds pretty reasonable, too.

Except for this tiny idea called the rule of law.

Gilad Shalit is the member of the armed forces of a country that recognizes the rule of law. The Palestinians held in Israeli jails are members of armed forces that recognize no law but their own.

We call them terrorists.

Does a ‘prisoner exchange’ sound a little less resonable?

I could go on about this, but there is a deeper issue here. Gilad Shalit represents the rule of law. He represents civilization.

The terrorists in Israeli jails do not. They represent barbarism. They represent the destruction of law, order and justice. And, those that support and idolize these terrorists have been duped into supporting the fight against civilization.

That’s why this six percent of Palestinians is so siginificant. By saying that Hamas should release Gilad Shalit, they are saying that they support civilization. They are saying that they support the rule of law. They are saying that they support the values that you and I support.

Do the other 84 percent understand that they support the destruction of civilized values? Not all of them, but I can’t be sure of how many, because many Palestinians DO support the destruction of civilization as we know it.

I don’t know if those six percent are friendly to Israel. They probably aren’t, but I’d rather have an enemy that understands the rule of law, than a friend who doesn’t.


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