What Does that Make the Palestinians?

Corporal Gilad Shalit, 19When I wrote yesterday about cooperation, I did not know that Hamas would try to kidnap an Israeli kid.

Why would, ‘not knowing’ make any difference? Well, because there was one thing that I was reluctant to say, and I am not so reluctant now.

The mark of a civilized people is cooperation. The more that you cooperate, the more that you are civilized.

What is the correllary? The less that you cooperate, the less that you are civilized.

Let me put it another way. When you aren’t civilized, what are you?

A barbarian. A savage. Even an animal.

In Israel, we mourn for those who have fallen. They are our sons and daughters. Our children.

They aren’t just soldiers, they are our kids. All of them.

Think then about what happens when one is kidnapped. Israel, as a nation, agonizes over the child that was taken – more than those who have died. Israel values life above all else.

Corporal Gilad Shalit, 19Corporal Gilad Shalit is just 19. Look at him. A kid. Barely more than a boy, he’s young enough to be mine. He’s probably young enough to be yours. He’s wounded, tied up and blind-folded in some stinking, swealtering hut in the middle of Gaza. I wonder what he’s thinking.

I hope that he knows that someone is coming to get him.

He should, because he’s not just someone’s child. He’s the child of a whole nation. That nation will do their best to get him back.

They will cooperate, because they are civilized.

Hamas has shown that they are NOT, and they run the Palestinian government – a government chosen by the Palestinians.

Now, what does that make the Palestinians?