Thanks Charlie

I graduated a couple credits short of minors in Physics, History and English – and wound up with a degree in Political Science. I have a bad habit of being curious about almost everything.

That Political science degree was Charlie Winslow’s fault.

He was your classic absent-minded professor, to the point where the Political Science department had to place his office right across from the secretary – so that she could make sure that he made it to class. The funny and brilliant are often out of touch with reality.

I keep telling myself that.

Anyway, his insight into the Arab-Israeli conflict was (and is) incredible. I learned a lot from this guy, even though his sympathies lay with the Arab side.

I have a history of disappointing mentors. (There’s a list)

I say all this because it was his insight that gave me a view of the Middle East that I wouldn’t have had anywhere else. That insight allowed me to pierce through the rhetoric and see the face of the peoples behind the conflict.

That insight is something that I want to talk more about, and in coming posts I will. Please remember that these views are not his. Dr. Winslow and I disagree deeply over many of these issues. He is greatly disappointed in my Zionist sympathies.

That doesn’t change the fact that he has been my favorite professor.

Thanks Charlie.