Any Idiot Can Swat a Mosquito

Friday in Israel is like Saturday in the US. You catch up on missed sleep. Stand in long lines at the grocery store. Clean the apartment. That kinda thing.

Of course, my idiot neighbor had other ideas. She decided that 7 a.m. was a good time to begin her daily verbal abuse. Of her kids. At the top of her lungs.

This piece is dedicated to her.

Our world is filled with idiots, which is why we will always have mosquitoes.

And Muslim terrorists.

Have you ever thought about how you stop a mosquito? The traditional method is to establish border security and kill the ones that make it in. Unfortunately, I never can seem to get all of them. The bloody splotches that I’ve cleaned off the wall are a testament to routine failure.

You might say that my border security is bad, and that I need to beef up my countermeasures. Yes, that’s probably true. I’ll check for holes in my screens.

Of course, this year, there has been a marked decline in mosquito attempts. I can’t be sure why, but it’s possibly due to government attempts to lessen the mosquito problem by spraying their breeding areas.

Even better, they’ve been limiting the amount of standing water where they breed, which is what they did in the north – massively reducing the loss of life due to mosquito-borne diseases.

I’ll always need good border security and a fly swatter, but since the government is doing their part, I’m satisfied.

It’s the same with terrorism.

You will always need good border security and a terrorist swatter, but if you really want to stop terrorists, you’ve got to hit them where they live and eliminate the places where they breed. Once they’ve multiplied and left their homes, it’s hard to kill them before they kill you.

Unfortunately, it takes time and intelligence to accomplish. You need to give political support to those that fight terrorists. You need to go to the mosques and the despots and stop (or kill, same thing) those who preach violence. You need to promote peaceful values in Muslim countries.

But, like I said, these activities require our governments and our neighbors to be smart, and to have foresight.

Because any idiot can swat a mosquito.