Hitting Them Where They Breed

I love French.

French food. French cheese. French fries.

The French countryside is fabulous – at least in the fabulous parts.

They’ve lost every major war they’ve ever fought and are STILL proud of their military tradition. (WW I & II don’t count. They lost, and we saved them. Typical.)

I love that.

They are proud of the fact that they DON’T speak English, and think that we should be embarrassed because we DO.

They commit horrifying atrocities in North Africa and Southeast Asia, and then are horrified when other countries are somewhat less than polite.

Their arrogance and posturing is so entertaining, that we’d have to invent them if they didn’t already exist.

That’s why we should sit up and take notice when this beloved country is under terrorist threat.

And, in helping the French, we should try to avoid the same mistakes that they’ve made. We won’t help the countries and organizations that support terrorism. We won’t harbor anti-French terrorists, nor will we give them a mouthpiece.

We will attack the true roots of terror, and not ask France to become Islamic – or cease to exist. We will seek to undermine the ideologies of terror. We will try and stop those that are funding terrorists.

We will not be constrained by political correctness.

All of that is a little too late. Stopping terrorists is like trying to stop mosquitoes. Once they’ve made it to adulthood, you can swat one or two of them, but not the thousands that descend on you every night. And like stopping mosquitoes, stopping terrorists requires hitting them where they breed.