The New Sixty Percent

Something has gone terribly wrong.

I’m even struggling for words to describe how the world has turned upside down.

You might want to sit down before reading the rest of this.

The Jerusalem Post says that:

“New public opinion surveys conducted among ‘opinion elites’ in Europe show that support for the Palestinians has fallen precipitously”

It’s not just fallen precipitously, it’s crashed. Sixty percent of those surveyed are now against the Palestinians. In previous years, it was sixty percent in favor of the Palestinians.

After years and years of supporting terrorists and terrorism, they have finally started to wake up. Maybe, just maybe, they have started to realize that Israel’s struggle is also their own.

That is undoubtedly a little too much to ask for. Just because opinion makers in Europe are suffering an attack of common sense, doesn’t mean that they are becoming sensible.

You notice that we haven’t said that their view of Israel has changed?

Please pay attention to that. Good sense has never been common in Europe, so don’t expect them to become Zionists. But, we aren’t asking for that.

Like most abused children, we’ll kiss their feet if they’ll just stop beating us.


Palestinian support ‘crashes in Europe