I just had something pretty cool happen.

Someone sent an email criticizing me for missing Wednesday’s blog, and shifting Sunday’s to Mondays.

A criticism is cool?

To us writers, criticism is VERY cool. It means that someone is paying attention and getting something out of your efforts. That’s good.

However, it is also true that I have been a bit lazy in doing these updates. I am afraid that one of my many failings is big-project-itis.

That’s right. I like nothing more than to sink my teeth into a really BIG project, wrestle it to the ground and give it a good shake. Unfortunately, that means blogs like this can miss an update or two.

So, what is this new, big project?

I am setting up a new blog, which will be secular in nature and updated daily. That’s right – DAILY.

This will siphon off enough of my angst over Israel’s mistreatment to talk about something more important here: Christ and His love for Israel. Better yet, I hope to be doing THAT daily too.

You want to know how Israel Outlook is coming along? Well, just go there and you’ll see me fumble with this thing until I get it right. The software that I’m using is WordPress, and it installs directly to the server – which means that it is LIVE immediately.

It’s the first time that I’ve used WordPress, so I’m more than a bit wobbly. Watching me put this thing together will probably be like watching someone learn to ride a bike.

Aqonizing, I am sure!