Especially, ‘cuz something IS!

Things are still a bit topsy-turvy at my end of things, so I think that I’m going to defer my ‘Way of Death in Israel’ for another day. I suspect that the subject needs me to actually BE in Israel before I can write properly on the topic. Maybe next week?

The OTHER problem that I have is news. I’m not sure what to talk about at the moment ‘cuz I feel out of touch with what is going on. In fact, I usually feel disconnected from world events whenever I am outside Israel.

This is probably true because Israel is a center of events, and may be I don’t know how to relate to the rest of the world, unless I am in a place that is at the center.

The other reason, I suspect, is America. I’ll be talking about this in more detail in future postings, but I’ll just stick with this for now: America has a hard time understanding that the rest of the world exists.

Arriving in the US is like descending into an international news blackout. Except for the odd report on odd people doing odd things in Europe, you just don’t hear much. (No, no, I’m NOT forgetting Iraq. That’s a whole different kettle of fish.)

Don’t get me wrong. It’s refreshing to leave behind the highly charged political atmosphere of Israel. It’s great to be in the land of opportunity and ignore the latest French posturing. It’s wonderful not to sit through yet ANOTHER country wanting extra parking space between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean. It’s fantastic to wake up and listen to the talking heads groan about the weather (because, that’s the most difficult news of the day).

THAT part is awesome.

What is NOT awesome is that niggling worry that something bad is creeping up on you. That’s not awesome at all.

Especially, ‘cuz something IS!