The Pox-On-Both-Your-Houses (POBYH) Party Wins Israeli Elections

The Solar Eclipse here in Jerusalem will reach it’s peak today at 10:56:42, universal time – or 12:56:42, Israel Time.

Believe it or not, that’s more important news to me than the election results.

I can feel how shocked and horrified you are that I would say that. Please turn it down. I have a headache.

Look, to see my point, just pull out editions of the Jerusalem Post from the 50s. And, when you read those editions, substitute PLO/Hamas for Fedayeen, and West Bank for Negev.

Then you pretty much have today’s news.

And yes, I am as willing to give up the West Bank, as I would have been willing to give up the Negev. It’s just one more reason why Israel can never trust those outside.

But, back to the elections. Of the 120 seats in the Israel Parliament, the Knesset, here’s how they will be divvied up:

Kadima: 28
Labor: 20
Shas: 13
Israel Beitenu: 12
Likud: 11
NRP / NU: 9
Pensioners: 7
United Torah Judaism: 6
Meretz: 4
United Arab List: 4
Balad: 3
Hadash: 3
Of course, we are forgetting the party that should be represented most in the Knesset. Here’s the Roster if the Pox-On-Both-Your-Houses (POBYH) Party were included.

Kadima: 18 Knesset seats
Labor: 13
Shas: 8
Israel Beitenu: 8
Likud: 7
NRP / NU: 6
Pensioners: 4
United Torah Judaism: 4
Meretz: 2
United Arab List: 2
Balad: 2
Hadash: 2

Think about this for a minute. POBYH is TWICE the size of the next largest party.

Now, I know what you’re thinkin’. Just because someone didn’t vote for one of the main parties, doesn’t mean that they voted for POBYH.

Well folks, this isn’t America where you’re sometimes lucky to get more than half of all eligible voters to vote. America votes like that because the problems are small, and politics and the news is something that you think about after you’ve finished cutting the grass. Here, the problems are existential, and EVERYONE thinks about politics and the news from dawn to dusk.

No. When voters in Israel don’t vote, it’s not apathy. It’s disgust. I think that they’ve been reading those 1950s editions of the Jerusalem Post.

And what will be my high point of the day? Well, I’ll be waiting for that Solar Eclipse.